Laughing at Everyday Life 1.0

Ok, I’ve had a crazy long day.

Just ran in the house getting back home. It’s 11:45 pm.

And what does my memory recall?

My Post a Day in 2012 is at risk yet again!

How can I screw it up?

No my loyal readers! I will not!!

So one quick smile for you!


For my fellow Non~Normal and Proud of It! Club Members

You know it made you smile…Just admit it



~~~till we laugh again~~~

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Today I decided on talking about my breakfast of champions that keeps me fueled for several hours. Everyday, I like to include an egg or two in my breakfast. I love eating breakfast and I never miss it. They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day and you must fuel up to start your day with healthy foods to get you on your way to a new day and new adventures. I recently started putting more veggies and fruit into my breakfast. I love my eggs in the morning. I don’t really have the sweet stuff anymore like with the syrups, and stuff. I like to eat foods with more energy and less fat. I get so happy whenever I eat this breakfast. It gets my day on track and I am so dependent on my breakfast.

My breakfast includes:

1-2 eggs, Cucumber, Green Pepper, With that…

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RidePost Blog

I had the most incredible 4-day weekend. I left Greenville, SC at the crack of dawn on Thursday morning to catch my flight to Salt Lake City, UT. Flight time: 5:45am. So that means I was up and out the door at about 4:30am. That definitely hurt. I had a 2 hour layover in Atlanta, and was then on my way to SLC on a 3hr45m flight. From the SLC airport, I #rideposted with 3 of my girlfriends up to Park City…about a 45 minute drive from the airport. 9 hours later, I made it to my final destination!

So why was I in Park City? It all started when Devan and our friend Meg had the brilliant idea to take an adventure after we graduated from college. They left for Buenos Aires, and what was supposed to be a 1-year teaching stint turned into 2-3+ years of living the…

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